Exposure – short film



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15.06.18 – Group Crit feedback forms

Today was the group crit, where we did the final peer reviews of each other’s work in class. We all got put into the same groups as we did for the peer review of the project proposal. Meaning we were giving feedback on the same projects at the starting stage. This was really interesting to see how the idea has changed since the proposal stage and their idea ended up.

These are two of my sheets that I got from the group crit. One from Conor O’Hagan and the other being Daniel Pederson.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 16.09.40

Conor gave very detailed feedback on my short film, which was great because I always want room to grow. Saying mostly that the some of the lines lacked flow and maybe felt a bit unrealistic. This is fair enough and was half expecting this. This is because I feel that I still need practice in writing believable dialogue on my story. This is something that will have to improve over time, and mostly likely take a few short films to get a real good grasp at.

For other criticisms we also said that the some of the film lacked flow, I feel that he may be referring to the first half of the short film as he mentioned how he really liked the second half. This is again another thing that I was slightly aware, as I struggle with scene transitions. And when knowing to move on in the story.

However I felt I did quiet good with the transitions still managing to keep it fresh and creative. Whilst giving a good break in the dialogue for the pacing of the short film.

Overall its great getting some much feedback over my short film. With it being really detailed. I will try and work on my dialogue more, so I can focus on more realistic dialogue to fit with the more realistic atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 16.09.15

This is Dan’s feedback on my work, I have already got some feedback on a rough cut I showed Dan but this is a more updated feedback critical sheet. Dan is a less bit detailed than Conor’s which is a bit of a shame.

His only real criticism is that Jasper’s and Johnny’s audio is a bit muffled. I disagree with this point as I feel you can perfectly hear what Jasper and Johnny saying. Due to the crispness of the audio by Nathan. The only real problem I see is that maybe Johnny mumbles his words a bit. However this is hard for me to tell and get an outside view because of the fact that I have known Johnny for two years now.


14.06.18 – WordPress catch up reflection

Over this week I have been trying to catch up on WordPress. With adding lots of posts on research and inspiration, making sure that they are packed with enough. As I don’t want to be lacking in one thing lessening my grade.

I want to make sure that I can get the best possible grade I can with this FMP, with also adding lots of context. I feel that now I have my WordPress is fully updated and ready to be marked. This means that I can move onto the Evaluation and start evaluating every part of my work. With also the group crit being tomorrow.


Budget costs

These are the costs my what it took to take to make my FMP. I have included the repairs of the Tascam as shooting with Johnny and Nathan in Croydon it was dropped on the floor. As I was the director I need to take responsibility and pay for half of the price with Nathan who dropped it paying the other half.

For the rest of the budget I feel that I stayed at a really good level. Managing to make a really good film for a very low budget and price. Using the college equipment to my advantage and borrowing it whenever I can.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.34.47.png

Health and safety

On this blog post I am going to be talking about the health and safety precautions that we did each day of filming. With what we had to worry about making sure everything safely carried out.

Day 1 – the field

For this day I knew it was going to be the longest day of filming. This meant that the first propriety was making sure everyone was well feed. So I decided to make 6 sandwiches so everyone could get refiled with energy at the lunch break. So I also brought plenty of water as it was a really hot day and didn’t want people to dehydrate.

For carrying the sound equipment we had Joe’s car with also having quiet a few people to help with bags as well.

In terms of safety I made sure the locations that we filming at weren’t going to have a lot of dogs off the leash running about. This was because I didn’t want my shots to be ruined. As well as the crew and actors might of been attacked.

Day 2 – Car park

For this scene there was only meant to be two hours of filming, so I didn’t need to bring food this time. However I did bring water again, as people can get quiet dehydrated when speaking a lot of lines over and over again.

Because we were filming late at night in the middle of Reigate. I made sure to film mid week on the Tuesday. So that none of the nightclubs and bars would be open and we wouldn’t have to worry about drunk people interrupting us or ruining the shot.

Filming on Tuesday helped massively as no one came into the car park whilst we were filming. Meaning we had the whole location to ourselves.

Day 3 – Croydon

For the Croydon we picked locations that were out of the way of trouble. Not being either, in the way of people due to the fact that Croydon is quiet well known for having people that are bit dodgy.

For the sound equipment and bags there was enough people to take things to and from the first location we filmed at to the second that was our back up.

Johnny, one of my actors, is diabetic. So I had him fill out a health and safety form before he went out shooting. So I can have an emergency phone number to contact. We also made sure that he had his flex pen on him, incase his blood sugar levels got low. With having sweets on standby to give him a boost.

(Unfortunately I can not show the form because of not wanting to release his address)


Day 4 – Beach

For the beach scene there was no real health and safety precautions to take, because of the fact that we weren’t using a boom or carrying a lot of equipment and there was only really one hour of filming with actors.

For the food there was quiet a few people with us because we had a day out on the beach at the same time. So a lot of people brought food and water for everyone to have.


Overall there wasn’t a lot, however it is important to think of the smallest things as they could make the biggest hold ups in production. So I am glad that I taken the time to place certain precautions for the filming, so we could get the best results.