Presentation of my Proposal “Work in Progress,”


This is the presentation I made for the proposal for the unit 11 diverse city project. I had to present my project to the rest of the class, making a pitch to see if they liked the idea. I feel that overall the pitch went very well, displaying all the points of the show. I also got the chance to answer some questions where people also gave some of their own advice and ideas for the show. This really helped my idea and showed that people cared and were interested in the idea.

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Hosts for my TV show

In this post I will be looking back on my questionnaires as help for which hosts I should have on the show.

Anthony Fantano- Needle Drop

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Anthony Fantano will be one of the three hosts of my show. Anthony Fantano is a music reviewer on youtube with over 1 million subscribers. Being one of the biggest music youtube channels on youtube. I feel that he would be the perfect pick for this job. He is very opinionated and isn’t afraid to share his thoughts. He knows a lot about underground music, and is very familiar with that world. I feel he would also help pull a large audience in from his fanbase.

Jinx – Pigeons and planes

Image result for jinx pigeons and planes

I have previously talked about pigeons and planes before on the blog, discussing how its a main influence for my TV show. However I feel having someone from the youtube channel on the show would be a great choice. Due to the fact they have a job currently in underground hip hop.

Nadeska Alexis – Everyday Struggle

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The next and final host of my show would be Nadeska from everyday struggle. I feel that this would be a perfect choice for someone who is a moderator, and can keep the show running on the correct schedule. I feel that she would be great for this job due to the fact that she does this on everyday struggle perfectly already between two hosts that are very opinionated and normally butt heads.

TV Diverse city – Questionnaire

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 15.02.43.png

This is the questionnaire that I asked 10 different people. Having all different interests and passions. The results are below.


These questionnaires show me that there is an audience for what my show is about. However like I suspected a very small one. This is good however because I want to appeal to a passionate but small audience. Due to this being the main aim of this project. I will look into hosts and also decide if I want to do one genre i.e hip hop or look into doing multiple genres.

Out of the 10 people, 5 said they would watch my show. I think that this is a good result and was sort of the outcome I was suspecting.  For the other questions I feel it’s important to look at these 5 that answered yes more closely, as in they would be the ones watching the show. Seeing whats the main genre enjoyed as well.

Diverse City – More research into audience

I am just going to answer some more questions about audience, giving me more research into the audience.

(C) Why is diversity and choice important for audiences?

So audiences have variety and don’t have to watch the same thing. This means that audience won’t get bored of media or film. It also means that producers can market to small audiences and make content made for specific audiences. This means that can watch smaller show appealing to their views or interests.

How do media producers cater for different needs of audiences?

Media producers do surveys to see what new audiences are interested in, seeing if theres a popularity in certain thing or subject. They would also do a pilot episode to see theres interest in that show, seeing if they could make it into a full series.

What are the differences between alternative and mainstream audiences?

Alternative audiences are more smaller and more specific. For example a alternative would be people aged between 18-25, and being into underground hip hop. An example of this would be the youtube channel “Pigeons and Planes.” While a mainstream audience would be a much wider reach. Having a much wider age range and a less specific subject matter. For example the Great British bake off appealing to the age of 30+ and being both men and women.

How do different media forms use different modes of address?

TV uses the form of adverts on the TV. As the people watching the adverts are mostly going to watch something on the TV. Whilst content situated online will mostly likely advertise on sites like youtube and instagram.

(D) What is relationship of advertising to channel funding?

Advertisements pay the channel to show their product or show on their channel. This is how a channel makes most of its money, through adverts.

How does advertising operate with digital media and streaming services?