Guest speaker from the film industry

Today we had a guest speaker come in from out of college to talk to us about the industry and also about cameras. His name was Gabs and has his own production company where he makes short film, adverts and music videos.

He started by showing us some of his adverts and telling us how he got the job offer and how he went about filming and setting up the for the shot. Saying about how he would assign people to certain jobs for each different shot and also how he would get a brief from the company or organization which he would have to apply to. This is good because of the fact that he have already got practice of this from our projects we have been given from our teacher.

When he was talking about cameras there was a number of topics he covered, one of these were lens. Saying there are two different types of lens, prime and zooms lens. Zoom lens being able to zoom in and out while the prime being fixed at a certain position. The prime lens are each different with each being more zoomed in or less. The zoom covers all of these, however at a lesser quality and also being cheaper.

The next thing he talked about was the f stop. This affected the lighting of a shot. The scale of the f stop could from 1.4 to 22. 1.4 being really open and letting a lot of light in the shot while having it at 22 makes very narrow and having it at very dark and not letting a lot of light in. It also changes the depth of field of the shot. With the higher the number on the f stop makes it have a much longer depth of field while lower has a much shallower depth of field.

The shutter speed is another thing that we learned from the speaker.  Saying that normally the shutter speed should be twice the number that your frame rate is at. For at 25 the shutter speed should be at 1/50. When the number getting bigger the shutter speed gets slower. This is due to the fact that the shutter speed is time for the shutter to closes every second. For example 1/50 means it closes 50 times in one sec.

The iso is also numbered based, meaning higher the number the more light the camera has in the shot, this also means the picture is more gainer. When you have the number lower you have the shot being less exposed to the light and while also getting a much better picture quality.


Girl in the pool – evaluation

I have just finished my project on editing the sound to the video girl in the pool. This blog post will be me evaluating my project and seeing where I went well and what else I could do to improve my project moving forward. I used the sound clips from foley, logic pro X and downloaded mp3s off youtube.

I feel what worked well was the audio involving the rolling stones music and the underwater sound effects. I feel this worked well due to them sounding realistic and also sounded they were taken from the actual scene. I feel that the abstract sound effects that I added were also good due to the fact that they added tension to the scene and suspense which was missing from the scene.

However where I can improve is with the woman swimming making slashing sound effects. I feel that the foley I used with these shots don’t suit the video and don’t sound right taking the person out of the short film. I feel next time I will make sure to choose carefully next time what foley to use and take more time over what foley sound effects I will be using in the video.

The skills I learned from this task is how to make the audio recording sound like its underwater. I did this by playing around in the audio settings. Making sure that it sounded like it sounded different and underwater. I also then added an underwater sound effect as well so it added to the other sound effect. This made it so the music sounded like it was underwater when the camera and person went underwater. Keeping continuity with the short film.

In future projects I want to take more time with my audio and making sure that it is too high quality. I want to try and use logic pro X with my future short films for diegetic sound and replace the camera audio for these sound effects. This will add value to the short film making sound a lot better and to higher quality and professionalism.

Overall I feel that I did rather well on my sound project, considering the fact that the weakness of my work is sound. Next time I will make sure that I will take more time over picking the right foley for the right point in the video so it sounds right.

Girl in the pool – finished ready to export

I have since finished my girl in the pool project. I have now added atmospheric sounds when the woman reappears from the water to add tension and also now have added a jumpscare where the other woman’s eyes open to the camera. In addition I have changed the music audio at the start of the video so that music changes location from right to left depending on where the camera is in the movie. This makes the film have a more involvement and shows the that it is what the characters’ are hearing.

Overall I feel that I have done well is this project by creating atmosphere and tension with sounds found online and in logic pro X. I will watch the film one more time and make any small tweaks before exporting it just to make sure that it is good enough and high quality for the unit.

Girl in the pool task – dubbing sound to a video clip

In this task I will have been given a short scene from a feature length film to dub sound to it. Due to it being muted. We have been given pre recorded foley and using sound effects off of logic pro X. Giving us enough sounds to dub the video. I will be having sounds of the person swimming whilst also having background noise such as crickets. This will give the video with atmosphere. I will also be having music in the video with also making the music change sound due to adding the underwater effect when the camera moves underwater. This is a image of me editing the project.