Youtube task – finished planning

We have now finished our planning for the youtube task, we have created a poster showing pictures of the locations which we will be filming and what order they will go in. We have also placed images of the maps of each floor.

Now having finished the poster we can move onto making and writing the proposal for the pitch. This will help us and also make it look good that we have gone into this much effort for planning. This is also good to have something to visually refer back to instead writing on some paper if we need to remind ourselves.

I believe that after making the proposal we will only need one day of shooting to complete the task, after that we will have to edit the footage into separate videos, however we won’t have to do all of them as it is more about the planning and the pitching this task is about.


Reflection on planning so far with the youtube project

So far our group has started planning for the youtube project and preparing for the proposal. We our doing this by creating a massive landscape poster with pictures of our locations and how we going to film it.


This will help us with presenting our idea in the pitch, it will also be a creative way of showing where we are filming without just showing pictures.


This will be time consuming as we will need to work quickly to get the plan finished so we can get on with the filming the actual locations of the short films. We are also showing the maps of each of the floors so we can point to each of the rooms, helping with the links and filming of the virtual tour.


So far I feel we are ahead of our schedule and we also have a good idea for the project with a good idea of what to do for the proposal. I feel that this is a good start to have on a project, this gives me a good feeling when moving on with the project.

Introduction to unit 7: Youtube project

Our next task is a project where we have to create at least five separate videos on youtube and connect them with links at the end of the video on youtube. They have to be at least 40 secs long and a maximum of  2-3 minutes. I will be working in the same team as in the last group project. This being Nathan, Joe and Conor. For our idea we are going to have a virtual tour of the college, for example we will start at the Winters garden and then have the person click a link taking them to the shop or library.

The place where we will start the videos will be in the winters garden on the first floor, then their would have links to the shop, cafe and the message and spa. And a fourth one leading up to the first floor. The videos will just be different shots of the locations with either hand held or tripod, with music playing in the background.

The first floor will have the art department, hair and beauty, the LRC and another link leading to the second floor.

Second floor will have the film and tv department with music, library and another link leading to the third floor of the college. We might though cut this link out due to the fact that the third floor isn’t as exciting or interesting as the other floors due to the fact that it doesn’t have much things on that floor.

The third will be the last floor on the tour, this will have the classrooms of IT, Business and Aviation.

For this task will also have to create a proposal like we did for this is me. This will be mean will have to create a plan and also record all of our research. We might also have to pitch our idea in front of a group of people.