8,9,10,11/06/17 – The final evaluation, adding the links

Over the four days off I have from college I did some work finishing off my wordpress. This was mainly finishing up the final evaluation, making sure that is was condense as it could possibly be. With also making sure that included that I wanted to for an evaluation. I also then made a word document for links for my wordpress so the examiner can easily get to then.

In reflection of the four days, it was basically just getting everything sorted on the wordpress for when the deadline is due. I wanted to make sure that I had included everything that I needed and put everything into correct categories. I also then made a another category called idea development, this shows some of my creative choices and idea development during the whole project.

This will be the last post most likely, I now just be changing things to wordpress and adding more information for the deadline. Making sure that wordpress is the best it can be for the due date. So I won’t posting anything unless I have to upload something major.


07/06/17 – Going over the Evaluation with Elena

Today I went over my Evaluation with Elena seeing if I am going in the right direction and doing it the best I can. Elena read though what I have done so far and told me that I was being too descriptive. Saying that I have been talking about the same sort of things I have already talked about in my blog.

Elena then gave me some suggestions of what to say, and then says that I should be more precise and less wordy. I will take this advise on board and then change my evaluation accordingly, with then continue this the rest of the questions and evaluation. This is good as hopefully it won’t take as long as expected.

05/06/17 – Finishing up some things….

Today was mainly finishing things that indeed to be sorted, before I moved on to the final Evaluation of my short film. I started by making sure that I had a spare image release form incase Luc has lost it when being told to sign it. I then made sure that my pre production folder was neat before handing it in to be marked. I will then collect my final image release form from Luc later today, then placing this with the rest of my work in my pre production folder.

I then went back over my proposal with Sara, one of the teaching assistants in the college, making sure that there wasn’t any grammar or spelling errors. After taking a lesson to go back over my work I later updated my folder and uploaded it again on the VLE. Making sure that Elena has the best version, with the better phrasing and wording.

I then made a blog post about skills that have developed over the course of the project. I feel that this would be a good opening to the evaluation I am about to do on the final cut. I looked at what I did and how I improved in my technical skills. While also stating how this will help me with future projects. With reflection I feel that this was a good idea, as it showed what I thought I improved on during the course. With also how this would help me.

Overall I thought today was good, as I managed to get all the little parts sorted out before finally moving onto the final evaluation. Tomorrow I will finally start my evaluation of the final cut. I might also do evaluation for each one of the categories.

1, 2, 3,4/06/17 – going over some of the blog

I have spent the past four days going over some of my blog, just updating and making sure everything is as good as it could be. I have mostly added stuff to the journal and the evaluation categories as I feel that these are the weakest out of the posts. I have made sure to have proper reflection and to also have more detailed explanation on how to improve my work.

Next I will be adding more to the actual practical skills’ categories, making sure to put more in each one of the pre, production and post sections of the blog. I will spend probably one more day on that. And then I will move to the evaluation of the final cut.

This will probably take a lot of time, I want to spend mainly whole of next week on working on an evaluation. Making sure that it is the best it possibly can be. If I have some left over I will go back over the blog again making sure that everything is good as it could be.

31/05/17 – Final cut finally complete

Today I exported my final cut for the FMP. I didn’t do too many changes from yesterday. Having to only change the amount of camera noise on some of the Sam clips, due to the fact that I lowered them and I don’t think they worked as well as they could of. With not being grainy enough or being too much like HD footage. So after rising them back up I then later cut out the white flash between the two shots of Sam.

I tried to experiment by putting it in different positions and rearranging the clips. However I just went back to the jump cut before hand. With people saying that they prefer the jump cut to the white flash anyway. I don’t feel that this was a waste of time because I feel that it is important to experiment and try out to make sure that something doesn’t work better.

The film I will be submitting for the final cut is linked above, this is the final cut and from this point on I will not be changing anything about the finished film. In reflection I am quite proud of how I managed to finish the final cut a week before the deadline is due. Proving that I can make a good film under time pressures and with being prout as well. Over the next two weeks I will be evaluating the final cut, with adding more to blog posts that might be missing. I am quite relaxed now but it’s important to fall behind in the closing week and an half, due to the fact that the final evaluation is very important. I will also have to get my actor to sign his form, saying that they are happy to be in the film. So then I can place that into the pre production folder, enabling me to hand that in next week.

30/05/17 – More editing, playing the sound through speakers

Today I have made a new rough cut, this cut is practically the finished version of the short film but I might have one or two changes left to do. Here is the link to my new rough cut:

Things that I changed for this edit I was experimenting with the colour correction of the biking scene where Luc is biking up hill. I managed to get the colour all the same for that set of shots, looking like they were taken at the same time. However then some of the shots looked really washed out compared to the rest of the film, looking more shades of grey then shades of colour. So I then decided to add more colour to the shots and lighten it up more. This makes it look worse continuity wise however I feel that it doesn’t matter because it no longer looks washed out.

I then played the beginning of the film on the big screen using the speakers in the classroom, this was to make sure that the audio was probably leveled with everything else. I found out that the shaving shots were a bit too quiet, not being able to hear the shave of the neck or chin. I also found that the poster rip wasn’t as loud as I wanted it to be. Not taking over the music for a brief period. Tomorrow I will try and test the audio out again on the speakers to see if my changes have made a improvement. In reflection I should have done this before as I would know if I needed to re-record any audio for the music video.

whtie flash

The white flash transition I have placed in, something that I am unsure about if it totally works, as it may just look better having a jump cut. I will ask around properly tomorrow, or switch around a few of the clips. So I can still have a the extract times but maybe in a slightly different order. For example having the clip of Luc in between the jump cut. To break up the “awkward,” transition.

26, 27, 28, 29/05/17 – Finishing up missing pieces in the blog

Over the long weekend I spent days going through my blog and finishing up a few posts that need touching up here and there. I went back through my context category made sure that I had everything ticked, making sure that I had enough context. I then later added more to posts that were about problem solving or having to change something in the idea. For example the changing of the actress and the changing of the song. As I felt that these were major changes and needed to be reflection on and explained properly.

harvard refercning screenshot

I later then went back over my blog, making sure that I had proper harvard reference for everything I used. This took a while going in each blog post and checking everything was referenced but is worth, as I don’t want to lose a good grade for that one slip up. In reflection I feel that I should do this as I am making the blog posts, as this would be a lot easier and make the ending stretch a lot less stressful. There is an example of me using my harvard referencing above. I would harvard everything that I used that wasn’t mine, this is from looking at different websites for information, images used to display what I meant and video clips that I would be using in one way or another. I would use a harvard generator I found online, making the whole the same and much quicker and easier.

The link I used is below:


I am now going to finish my film tomorrow and hopefully export it ready for the submission next week on Wednesday. After exporting I will spend the following week and a half to check over my wordpress again, and to do a final Evaluation.

In reflection  I feel that I should do this as I was going on with my blog, not having to do loads at the end of the FMP. Next time I will make sure to always reference the sources at the end of the blog before I post. This will save time and make sure I can look over my coursework at the end of the deadline.