The skills I have learnt from doing the FMP

In this blog I will briefly be talking about skills I have developed over the course of the FMP, separating it into sections for the pre, production and post production. I will be talking about how I got better at this skills, and what I did to improve them. I will also talk more in depth about this in the Evaluation.

Pre Production

For the pre production I feel that the number one skill I learnt was problem solving. Managing to change my idea mid planning and come up with a new idea that will fit the project brief. I felt that this experience will prepare me for when I go on into the film industry where I would have to keep changing things to do with film. Due to problems out of my control. Such as budget costs or time pressures.

I feel that this would also help with when I do a second FMP. For example if anything happens where I have to change my idea, I will be able to change my idea quickly to adapt to the situation.


For production I feel that I have learnt new skills such as filming in different frame rates and managing to get to grips with the collating shutter speeds. I had to change the shutter speed to 100 when filming due to the fact that I shooting in 50 fps, this was because I wanted most of the footage to be in slow motion. This will mean if I wanted to film slow motion again I will know what to do, and I won’t have to research it. This also means if I am improvising when filming, I can film something in slow mo on the off hand. Not restricting myself as much when filming.

I also got generally better at working a DSLR. Managing the exposure carefully, making sure that the iso isn’t too high. This means that when I go to filming I can be more efficient at when getting a shot prepared, with it being in different locations with different scenes.

With reflection I feel that this project has given me great practice with how to work a DSLR. Being able to be independent with filming shots and not having to rely on people to help set up the shot, or making sure that I have got the right settings. This will help with future projects, being able to do the job more efficiently and under smaller time periods and bigger pressures. Enabling it to feel more natural when filming.

Post Production

I feel that out of the three post production is the section where I have improved the most in my practical skills. Having to research new effects and also doing colour correction to my work to improve the look and feel.

I have learnt new ways of creating an retro super 8 film, over a HD clip. This will mean in the future I can experiment with this technique more and use it more in my films in the future. I have also got to grips with after effects for the first time, this being the first time I used after effects in a short film. This means that when I use to again I can be more efficient and use to greater effect.

In reflection I feel that experimenting with these effects means that I can now be more confident in trying out new things in the future. Being more efficient and wanting to try more in after effects. Trying to make my films better by trying out new things in after effects that I previously wouldn’t if it weren’t for my FMP.

Next time however I have learnt that I should maybe leave more time, maybe a whole week, for after effects. As its quite time consuming and in order to make it look really good you must spend a fair amount of time on it. Added to this I should also research how long it will actually take to perform the task in the pre production stage. As this would give me a more accurate calendar of what will happen during completing my final major project.


Overall I feel that this project has made me much more constant in my working, having a much more efficient work ethic towards film making. I feel that my pre production has came along well, giving me practise in how to problem solve when a situation arises. Having to change my idea due to budget or time consecrates. For production I feel overall skill that has developed was being more flexible when coming to filming different locations and different frame rates. Finally for post production; having the skills to experiment more and being more adaptable when wanting to add new stuff into the edit.


Skills that have improved

In this blog post I will be talking about the skills that I have challenged in this project, I will be looking at each section of the making of the film: pre, production and post. What I have done in each stage to put me out of my comfort zone.

Pre Production

For pre production I challenged myself by having to look at research about music videos. This was because I am doing a music video for my final major. This was different from other tasks where I would look at other films as inspiration rather than music videos. I also had to plan out a story I could tell without any speaking, due to the fact that it is a music video.


For production I challenged myself by only having a few filming equipment at my disposal. That being a camera and two tripods. So I had to make the best out of it. With the fact that I didn’t have a big crew either and it was just me filming the scenes. I think that this has shown that I am able to work under pressure as well as making a quality product with relatively cheap equipment. I showed that I can also adapt to the situation, for example filming out of the boot of the car to keep up with the bike shots in the county lines. Rather than ordering experience equipment to keep the shot straight and not shaking.

This showed that I was able to improvise in this situation to still get what I want, but to much more cost effective technique.

Post production

I feel that I have tested myself by having super 8 film effect in my music video, having to adjust the colour wheel and making the colour curves different from the original. I also had to edit to the beat of the song. I have not had to do this before due to the fact that this was the first time that I made a music video. So this was a new rewarding experience to me.

How I recorded the sound for the FMP

For the FMP I decided to have a short scene at the beginning of the music video so I can have some diegetic sound. I felt that this was important as for the final major project I didn’t want to completely depend on visuals. For the recording the audio I used a rode mic and plugged it into the camera.

rode mic

This scene was the shaving scene and the first short in the bedroom. For the shaving scene I had the rode mic attached to the camera as the camera was just filming extreme close ups of Luc. This meant that I didn’t need a boom pole to get it close to the actor.

For the first short of the bedroom scene I got a extension cable attached between the camera and the mic, meaning the mic could get closer to the actors. I then placed the mic on a boom pole and made sure that I got it as close to Luc as possible.

These are the two places where I used the rode mic.

16/05/17 – Last part of filming, changing actors

Today I filmed the last scene that needed filming for me to continuing editing. I had to change actors on the day though. Due to the first actor pulling out and without warning. This has taught me to always have a back up on standby incase a actor can’t make the shoot. Whilst also having only people that I trust to be in my films and that are reliable. This was helpful as it will teach me a lesson about choosing actors in the future. Making sure that I avoid this problem in the real world.

This meant that I had to get another actress, Sam was happy to help with the project. The filming went well managing to get different shots in a short time frame at the end of the day. However I may need to reshoot some shoots as I may just not have enough. As I don’t have lots of takes. Overall I feel that today was a successful due to the fact that I got my last part of filming done and I also made a rough cut that people can watch.

Tomorrow I will be making a full length rough cut and having lots of focus groups to give feedback incase I need to reshoot or need to change anything in editing. This means I can get ready for after effects and colour correction next week. With all the different 8mm film and VHS effects on certain scenes.

In reflection I feel that I improvised well with the situation, managing to get a different actress ready for the shooting of the film. In future I will make sure to get a actress that is reliable and that I know personally, so I know if I can trust them and not letting me down. I will also make sure to have someone as a backup incase something goes wrong or they can’t make it. So I can still continue to film on that day.

Filming flashback scene (day 4 of production)

Today I filmed the final scene of my FMP, that being the flashback scene with the girlfriend. I had to change actors on the day which I have already talked about in the other post earlier today. The shoot actually went really well, managing to film everything I wanted within a short time frame. I filmed in the summer garden as planned with no real distractions or anything getting in the way.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 09.15.20.png

I filmed a few different shots, I did some extreme closeups on just her eyes. I also did some normal close ups, with some wide angles of her leaning on the brick. I made sure to also try an add some movement and variety with having Sam walk away from the camera.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 09.15.39.png

After looking at the footage I feel that I have just enough, and I am scared that I haven’t got enough takes incase one of them goes wrong with in editing. This may mean I have to reshoot some of the shots. This wouldn’t be big of a deal due to the fact that its only at college with one other person and no props needed.

With reflection I feel that I should have a look at the footage more on set to make sure that I have got plenty of footage for editing. It meant also help having someone help me film to keep track of the storyboard making sure that I get every shot needed. Filming it today means I can now get cracked on with editing and making the film cut to the beat of the song and fit the music.

Changing my actors again

Today when I was meant to film with Sara in the morning she was had to go home early and left me without warning. Meaning I was unable to film the scene I wanted to with her. So I have had to find another actress that will be able to do the small scene. Luckily someone from the music course was to help me out. And I will be filming with her later  today in the afternoon. Her name is Sam and she studies music at level 3 in year 2.

This has taught me to only depend on people that can be trusted and don’t come into lessons when they want. Meaning I should have a more auditions and have back up actors incase the first actor can’t make it. Meaning that this won’t happen again. With reflection I will now always have backup actors in the wings so that I am fully prepared for anything that happens.

Location scouting for the last scene




This is the last location I will be filming at for the production of this FMP. This is the winter garden at east surrey college. I will be filming here with Sara on Tuesday or Wednesday hopefully this week. The reason I want to film here is because its easily accessible because its at the college. This the fact that I can make the film look interesting due to it being in the light outside and also with plants and trees in the background. I feel that this would make the film more interesting visually making the whole frame of mise en scene better.

I may try and have find a better location outside near college, as it may be difficult to film with students coming and going between the location. I will have a look at the back of the college to find any quieter locations to film at.