Media effects – audience task introduction

This is an introduction into the task we have been set about audience work. This is looking at the effect of media has some people.

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Soapbox finished – Evaluation

This is the final edit of the soapbox, link below:

This blog post will be me evaluating my soapbox project. Talking about what I did well with also what I should improve on.

I am really happy with this project and how it’s turned out. Due to the fact that it was a relatively short task and we only had a short amount of time I think we came out with something that really professional. I feel that the short is well composed with also having good lighting focused on Fin, colour correction was able to help remove some of the orange tint in the shot. Fin’s delivery comes off really well, with giving condense points and not rambling on. I helped Fin with this, telling him to cover four points and making sure that he stayed on task and focused. This improved my skills for directing people, due to being able to tell someone what I wanted exactly.

The cutaway to the different film footage I feel adds a lot to the film, making sure the viewer isn’t bored from the only shot we have of Fin. The cutaway footage works really well, with providing more information as well. The main point of this task however was to argument a point that we were passionate about, trying to convince the audience. I think we did this perfectly, giving an introduction of who Disney own. With showing supporting evidence for disney are having an effect of the mainstream cinema with blade runner’s flop.

For improvements I feel like the sound could have been improved. Having someone else point it at Fin, rather than having to place it on the table. However this isn’t something major I feel like.

Overall I really proud of the outcome of this project. Considering the fact that me and Fin came up with the idea and filmed it all in one day. There would be a group crit where I would get additional feedback later this week.

Soapbox task, idea and filming

Today we college we were given the task to come up with something that we were passionate about, and talk about it directly addressing the camera. This would have to be at a 2 minute time limit. We would also have to make a convincing argument for the task as well.

Due to the fact that I don’t like being in front of the camera, especially speaking in front of the camera. I thought it would be a good idea to work with Fin. Fin is someone who likes talking about a subject he is talking about, doesn’t mind being in front of the camera. So we paired up so I could just focus on setting up the shot, and the lighting. This was good because we could work in a pair, both working to our strengths.

Our argument was that with the recent purchases of franchises that Disney has been making, that this was been having an negative effect of the market of mainstream releases due to Disney owning so many. We managed to come up with this idea and also film it all in one day. I will now be editing it in Wednesday, hopefully having it finished for Thursday.


Group crit response to my edit

I got creative feedback on how I should improve my short film. With what I should do to improve the audio.

The main feedback was given on the sound quality, of it being not so easy to hear the actor’s dialogue. Due to the fact that there were different layers of audio playing over each other. I noticed this whilst editing but couldn’t do anything about it due to the fact that the different songs were playing the actors speaking. There were also complaints about the echo, this is also something that we had no control over.

There was also feedback in terms of the acting. People having comments that there should be more action in terms of the direction. This is a fair point and something that I should work on. Maybe having some sort of notes on just the characters so I more easily get my point across. Whilst not being afraid to talk to them.

This has been a good experience to get a fresh perspective on my work.

Constructions of Reality – Questions about the Truman show (1998)

Yesterday we watched Truman show in class, this is the third time I have since the Truman show. However this is the first time that I have seen it in awhile and also being more interested in film. Giving a fresh perspective on it. Fay was given us some questions on the main themes of the film.

Image result for truman show

There are two worlds represented in the film,

What key elements of the mise en scene separating the two worlds?

The film is separated into two worlds, one being where the character Truman lives in this fake reality for a TV show. Whilst the other is the outside world looking at the TV show’s world.

The TV show has a very old 50s and 60s vibe. Bringing in that force fun that the show keep opposing on Truman as a character. This also ties into theme about how everything is perfect and the American dream. They do this by having lots of different light colours whilst also still being faded, this colour scheme reminded a lot of Wes Anderson films.

Image result for Moonrise KingdomImage result for truman show

They also really sell this atmosphere with alot of the props pretty old fashioned for the 90s. This really creates a great contrast between the two worlds. Really selling that the TV show isn’t what it seems to be.

The real world has a really drab world with the colour. With it being alot darker in the brightness and contrast. And having a total different colour scheme, of a lot more darker colour. This really shows the difference between a world created and a reality of the real world.

What film styles help convey different situations?

One of example of film style convey a different situation, is when Truman has an argument with his wife. There is alot of movement shots of trying to track him whilst also having lots of POVS. I feel that this adds to suspense of the scene, and tension. As Truman gets closer to the answer for the fake world.

What is the indeed audience for the show?

I feel that the intended audience for the show is everyone, due to it showing all aspects of life in the reaction shots of the audience. It would also want to appeal to all ages due to it being such complex show it needs as much money as possible.

Reflection of TV presentation – True detective

Today I presented one of my favourite TV shows to the rest of the class. This was True Detective season 1. This is the presation in full, I would this as reminders and then expand upon whilst talking. Keeping me on track and not rambling.

(pictures of powerpoint)

This is was the comments that the class gave back, scribed by Kira.

(picture of feedback)

As a whole I felt that got all my points across in the pitch that I wanted to. This really helped due to the fact that I had a great presentation with me to help tell points that were condense. And not rambling on about the story and plot details. I talked to Elena afterwards who said that mine was very good, giving very positive feedback.

Even though I was very nervous I felt I did very well in terms of speaking in front of the whole class. If there was one point that I which I felt I could improve on, it would have explain the plot in more detail. Due to the fact that plot is so detailed, I felt that I should of had maybe two sliders covering that subject matter. I felt this because most of the questions regarded around the plot.

Overall though I felt I did myself proud.