Hatton garden heist – a practice pitch

For this task we are doing another practice pitch, but this time the TV idea must be based in reality. My idea will be based on the Hatton Garden heist that took place over the easter weekend. My series will tell the story of how they got to together, with flashback episodes of when they were younger. With then them pulling off the heist and then how they tried to hide from the police. With the climax being how the police caught up with them. The series will be cutting between the police trying to catch them and the robbers themselves.


The film will follow the ringleader Brian Reader, as he sets out to try and do the “last job.” It will follow him setting up the heist and getting the people together. With them actually pulling off the heist. It would then cut back and fourth between the police investigation and the bank robbers trying to get away. With then later them all being caught and sentenced.


TV idea for the proposal

My idea for the TV proposal is going to be the same sort of idea as my SCI-FI pitch. However I have made a few differences to make it into a full length TV series. I am still going to have the storyline with Gael and Rachel, however I am going to do a second storyline running as well. Having the two cut back forth between each other. I got inspiration of this from Game of thrones, having multiple characters but having their storylines crossover a few times throughout the series and then have the characters finally meet at the end.

The second perceptive would be from one of the infected from the disease, showing their life on the surface. Due to the fact that they are just like humans but with a skin peeling disease and their lifespan dramatically shorten. It would later be revealed that the disease is not actually catchable off other humans, only from the atmosphere. Gael would find this out after meeting with the resistance who are currently working as a terrorist organized, alongside the people infected. Government not wanting to look after more than they have to.

The character of the second storyline name is Roth. Being to himself and surviving on his own when we first see him. Distance to everyone and also not willing to trust anyone. He later meets up with fellow “Croakers,” and later joins the resistance called the “clickers.”

We would also see Gael having to fight off Croakers as well, before he knows the full extent of the situation. Showing the audience that people in that world view them as a threat. However the audience has sympathy for them as we can see their side of the story from Roth’s perceptive. With also the audience knowing before Gael that you can’t be infected from them.

Reflecting on the pitch and the concept

Yesterday I pitched my sci-fi idea to the rest of the class. In this blog I will be reflecting on that pitch.

I feel for the actual pitch I think I did rather well, managing to get all my points across of the plot whilst also making sure that the story makes sense. I managed to keep the pitch nice and tight, making sure that there wasn’t any information in there that was irrelevant. I wanted to just get the key facts of the story and the world so they could understand the overview, and not bombard them with tiny details about the story to confuse or bore them.

For the idea I feel that it is a good one for a film, showing a good concept Sci-fi world. The reason why I feel it is a good idea is because it has main characters we can connect to whilst also showing the development of the characters throughout the story. Showing their relationship grow between them as the story goes forward. It also has twists and developments in the story to keep the viewer interested and engaged.

After this pitch I feel my idea is actually really good, and I don’t want to waste it. So I feel I want to expand upon my idea and use it for the TV pilot task. When asked Fay if this okay, she said that would be fine. Saying my idea was really good for having two central characters and conflict they have to overcome, having good development of the characters.

In conclusion I am going to be using this idea for TV pilot, but making some edits so I can iron out some of the loose ends. Making it so it could last for a whole season, considering the fact that it has to be a TV show. I will be looking other films in this genre and doing research, whilst doing some research in other genres incase I get any other better ideas.

Looking at other opening scenes

Today we looked at other people’s short films to see how they performed in the task, whilst also looking at films and TV shows that have good opening scenes for comparison and research.

Looking at other people’s opening scenes. I could see that our group was going in the right direction. Having the main characters established and whilst establishing the world and genre in the film.

Image result for children of men

We then also watched beginning scenes of TV shows and films. The TV show being Handmaiden’s tale and the film being Children of Men. It was good to see how they opened the film’s and how they showed the film’s world visually rather than just have the characters talking about it in dialogue for 5 minutes. This will help us and we will have to take this into consideration when making TV opening scene.

SCI-FI Concept

Fay gave us the task of coming up with a SCI-FI concept for film. This is giving us practice for when we have to come up with a TV show idea and make a proposal for it. We would then pitch the idea to get us prepared for when we have to make a pitch for the TV idea that will actually be assessed.

My idea is heavily inspired by the films The road, and Children of Men. This is because I want to do a story about the post apocalyptic world where humanity is on its last legs. While also having someone who could save humanity from its struggle. Like this idea explored in the Children of Men, due to the fact it adds a lot of tension to the new world we are introduced to. And I feel its interesting to see characters put into a really important situations for the world.

Image result for the road

I also influenced by other forms of media as well. I looked at games like Last of Us that also explore the idea of someone being able to save humanity. Seeming like a hybrid of The road, having the Father and Son like bound, and Children of Men, having someone who could save humanity. Whilst also looking towards the Metro 2033 games for its world building. Which I will take into consideration when pitching.

Image result for the last of us


One sentence synopsis: 50 years in the future where a skin disease is bringing the collapse of humanity, one man is immune to disease and holds the cure.

This story is a Post apocalyptic science fiction, set 50 years in the future in America, where most of humanity has been ravaged by the earth’s atmosphere causing people to have a fatal skin disease. With it also being contagious. Making their skin peel off and shorten their lifespan. Causing people who aren’t infected to move into the underground subway away from the atmosphere. Leaving the “Croakers,” on the surface.

The protagonist, called Gael, is not really a hero more of a selfish person. Having a history of not obeying by the government regulations and also has a past of smuggling between sections. He can be distance with people, due to losing people close to him in the past.

After realising that he is immune to the atmosphere and the skin disease, he must find a group called the “clickers,” resistance militia to the government (who live are in unmoderated sections of the subway) to help him find a cure.

First major plot point of the story On one of his smuggling missions to the surface his gas mask cracks, exposing himself to the atmosphere. After sometime there are no symptoms appearing. When returning to his subway section, he is randomly checked for infection.

Second major plot point of the story. Coming up as positive he escapes before being killed. Knowing he is immune to the disease, he decides to try and find the group called the “clickers.” A terrorist organisation who fight against the government.

Third major plot point of the story After traveling across most of America, struggling with harsh conditions and conflicts of the outsiders. He finds a young girl, called Rachel, who reminds him of his daughter. Having to take her under his wing and look after her. To protect her from the harsh world of 2067.

The climax…the resolution After reaching the “clickers,” he has to make a decision to sacrifice himself for the slight chance to help humanity, leaving Rachel behind to try and survive on her own. Or stay with Rachel so she isn’t being left on her own. Rachel being the only thing he has.

Evaluation – Practice Project X Y

In this post I will be doing an Evaluation of my opening sequence of a film. So I can learn from my mistakes for when I do the TV pilot sequence. You can watch the video here:

For things that went well with my project I feel that the beginning of the short where Jack is waiting, works really well with the short film. Due to the fact that it shows the audience that he is nervous and waiting for something. Also being not sure if he should go or not. The actually sound quality in some parts are also good, with being crisp and clean.

I felt like it was a good opening scene for the film, as we established the main character. What he is doing, and also what he is feeling. The rest of the film, if there was one, would be him getting out of the situation. It makes for a tense opener into the world for the viewer. We would have to remember to bring this over into the TV pilot.

For the camera angles and shots, I like we did a good job. Having a variation of camera shots and movements. Having also taking lighting into consideration, which I feel helps with the atmosphere. Which is something that we should take into the next project. Helping to get the atmosphere of film, showing the genre we our going in the first opening sequence.

For improvements that need to be ironed out for the actually opening sequence, I feel we need to probably match the audio and visuals in production. What I mean by this is making sure to always clap for every clip and to make sure what take we are doing for the audio. This will make sure that we can get the right audio for the right footage. Due to the fact that when editing this film, most of the sound is out of sync or not the actual ones. Due to the fact that I had to improvise because we couldn’t match them.

In conclusion, I feel the this task was a good learning experience on how to open a film. Making sure you show the characters and their motivations. Whilst also not using alot of dialogue to bomade the viewer with information. I feel we achieved this well by having no dialogue and I feel I could do this again. I have also learnt lessons in audio, improving my skills in that already. Which was one of last year’s weaknesses for me. I will need to make sure to be constantly aware whilst filming of the external recorder.


Practice film, filmmaking

On Thursday Fay set us the task of making a opening scene for a movie. We were put into groups of three based on our favourite genres in film. I was in a group with Jack and Conor. Our idea was to have someone going to meet someone, but have him not there. The main character, played by Jack, then later finds the phone of the person he was trying to meet and then gets knocked out from behind. This task is mainly about preparing for the TV pilot task and getting us back in the groove of filming. This is why we have came up with a simple concept that we could film around college in one day.

On friday we filmed all day. Filming in the car park, the south building and also in the TV studio. I was in charge of recording the sound on an external recorder. Whilst Conor was using his camera to film the shots and Jack was the actor and only cast member. Me recording the sound for this project actually worked out well. Due to the fact that I felt that one of the biggest weaknesses of mine was sound. Now after this project I feel like I am much more experienced in using the sound equipment. Being more comfortable and more knowledgeable.

In terms of how the day went we managed to film everything within the day. The first scene in the car park I feel went the most smoothly, due to the fact that we had really good lighting conditions for filming outside. For the south building I feel that it wasn’t that good, as Conor’s camera was playing up due to the lights. It also took longer than we thought it would. The TV studio went well due to the fact that we had good lighting again, but this time with actual lights. Overall for a started project I feel our filming was more than enough and will come out good in the edit for practice project that we didn’t have that much time to prepare for.

Over my time off I will be doing some editing of the footage I have, I do not have all my footage due to fact I didn’t have my external hard drive. So I will do my rest of my editing on Wednesday, exporting by Thursday.