Poster for the support group

This is a poster that I designed for the shoot today, this will be placed on the door as enters the room.

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Director’s Notes for shooting

These are my notes for shooting today. Giving me stage directions and also what I want the actors to do. This will help guide in on the shoot. We will be planning to film on the Friday.

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A New Wave technique

In this blog I will be talking about a new wave technique that I have found interesting. I would then be trying to place this into my work.

I would be looking at Jean Luc Godard’s use of jump cuts in this scene of breathless.

I think the use of jump cuts in this scene really adds the tension of the scene. Where the main character is getting chased by the police I think adds a certain pace that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for this technique.

I think the discontinuity in the jump cuts as well adds a lot to the film. Making seem quite head spinning and not really sure what’s going. Making the scene a fake reality to it. This is something that would really help with my next project, due to the fact that we are going to be cutting between the reality and fake reality.

If use the discontinuity in my editing when flickering between mask and non-mask. So having the people in slightly different positions. I think it will add a certain trippiness factor that wasn’t previously there. Making seem stranger and more dissing for the character, if the people he is looking at keep cutting to different. With different clothes and masks.

Overall I feel that using this technique would be a great way of implementing more new wave techniques into my project. Fitting more into my brief and also making my project better for it.

British new wave

British new wave started around about the same time as the French new wave, however British new wave was about showcasing a part of life that wasn’t being show. This being the life of a working class person. These would also normally be called kitchen drama as they would be based around people’s living in daily life.

Ken Loach was a big pusher for this new wave, making films like Cathy come home and other films for the BBC. This movement was really important for showing diversity in the UK, making sure that the poorer people of the country were being represented on TV.

It also meant that actors from working class backgrounds could have a better chance to be in a film. This could be seen for Albert Finney in the Saturday night, Sunday Morning.

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French new wave

We have recently learned about French new wave that started around in the 1960s. This movement was mostly pushed by directors like Jean Luc Godard and François Truffaut. The techniques were very new for the time. Using a lot different types of cuts. Such as jump cuts and smash cuts.

Jean Luc Godard used the technique of breaking the continuity on purpose, with also cutting to different shots halfway through conversations. Breaking up the flow of the scene. This was seen by some as revloutray and others as “stupid,” and “idiotic,”

This is best seen in a film we watched called “Breathless,” 1960

Image result for breathless

Jean Luc Godard also used long takes for dialogue, which could be found in this film as well. With having characters break the fourth wall by looking and talking directly to the camera. This something very new for the time and never really been seen before. Causing a lot of upset in the film industry when it was released.

The point of the french new wave was to try and make something different that what was being made at the time. Pushing boundaries and trying new things out.

Third part of the New Wave project

We now have to make our final big project for the new wave unit. For this me, Conor and Joe are going to make the connection between the two films that we have already produced. This being bigger in scale however, with more actors involved.

Our idea is that Joe’s character is going to be late for a drug support. When he arrives it has already started and people have already began talking about their stories. However when Joe sits in the chair something seems off and he starts to hallinucating that people have masks on. It keeps flicking between the two of them, distorting the lines of reality. Keeping flickering between them in normal and them with black cloaks and masks.

After the support group Joe would then interact with Conor’s character, from the introduction. Conor would then sell him some more drugs that Joe uses, leading to the last scene where Joe trips to twinkle little star.

I feel that this project would be a good test for my FMP, as my initial FMP idea is to have a story that is connected through scenes that don’t seem connected but our separated by chapters. I will now make some director’s notes for the short film and a short script for the actors involved. I will also be reusing my props from my short film Moon Watcher as well.