My intentions for task 3 – the “visitor” theme

I will be making my short film with Dan Pederson.

My intentions for this task is to make a short film based on the genre of horror. I will be showing this through the visual and photographic codes. There is no dialogue in this short film due to the fact that I and Dan (the person I am making the short film with) want to keep the short film simplistic so we can focus on the visual and photographic codes  and making the shorts reflect our task brief we have been given.  We have also made the film about 1 minute long so we can apply to the brief which is to 1-2 minutes long. We also made it this long so we can focus on a more simplistic approach to the short film focusing on visual and photographic codes.

Our idea is the main character (me) waking up like any other day and going to college, however the college is empty and no one is around. Dan will be located in the background of the shots, lurking, going unnoticed by the main character. The main character will then go to the elevator where he will be grabbed when having his back to the elevator doors, it will then cut to black.

Here are some ideas for tittles:
We’re closed
Keep out

The one we have chosen is the title, “keep out.”



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