Task 3 – visual and photographic codes

In our short film we are using a range of different visual and photographic codes, whilst having semiotic signs. The semiotic sign we have included is that of an “X” located in some of the shots of the film, this is to show the character will die by the end of film. This is for the audience to infer from multiple viewings.

One of the visual codes would be the setting. One of the main locations which are film we take place will be the college. This is because we wanted to show the mystery through the fact that the college is normally buzzing with life when in the film no one is too be seen and is a dead zone. This is also to show the contrast between the versions. Another location would be outside the college and in red hill. This is to show how it is a normal day for the main character and is going about his day like normal. The final two locations will be my bathroom and my bedroom. This is because I wanted to make it personal to me because I am the main character, and wanted to seem that it was a normal day tiring in with the other two locations whilst also seeing into his personal life as well.

Another one of the photographic codes is that of the framing. In the storyboard and planning we have thought about this a lot due to the variation we having with inside college and that of outside of the college and in red hill. We also took time to think where we would place the Dan within the frame and how it is related to the main character within the framing. We also how to think where to place the Xs within the frame and how they would relate to the characters movement.

Composition is very important for films. We have thought about the costume design for the main character should be normal/casual wear because we wanted to have the feel that this was a normal person and having a normal. We have also thought of how Dan’s character should be shown, by not showing his face and the audience not having a proper look at the “villain.” We also planned where everything is position within the frame so we can have a focus for the viewer to look at.

Camera movement is also something we have planned and thought about within the planning of our short film. When we film in my house, we are going to film close ups to show how personal it is to him and having the feeling of safety. Then we wanted to contrast this with the shots in the college being long shots with lots of open space within the frame. The reason for this is that I wanted the feeling of the main character being drawn out from the situation and not in control whilst being confused. This contrasts with the other scenes due to the fact that he doesn’t feel safe and is confused with the situation.

The colour and lighting is also going to be different from the college and the bathroom and bedroom. I wanted to the contrast again from the college and my house. This is because I wanted the two locations to have a different feel to them and to correlate with the contrasting of the camera shots and the movement. This overall would create two different emotional feelings between the two locations, and wanted to show this though visual codes.



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